A pretty, simple modal plugin

Windoze is easy to call and animate:


Pop down

<a href='#' data-wdz-animation='pop-down'>Pop down</a>

Slide from left

<a href='#' data-wdz-animation='slide-left'>Slide from left</a>

Slide from top

<a href='#' data-wdz-animation='slide-top'>Slide from top</a>

Getting started

Just include the plugin file,

Coffeescript or JavaScript



and keep reading:

Smart AJAX loading.

If the anchor that triggers a Windoze modal has an href that isn’t just #, Windoze will load the contents of that href into the modal automatically.

On-the-fly modal creation.

If a container option isn’t specified, Windoze looks for a .wdz-modal already on the page. If there isn’t one, it’ll create a new one on the fly (and load into it from the href). You can add additional classes via the container option. For example, this will look for (or create) a .wdz-modal with an additional id of hammer and class of pants:

  container: '#hammer.pants'

So will this:

<a href='#' data-wdz-container='#hammer.pants'>Stop. Hammertime.</a>

One note here: the default Windoze stylesheet expects any existing .wdz-modal elements to be located at the end of the <body>, and the plugin will relocate said elements there by default on initialization. Outside of style inheritance & z-index issues, the plugin itself doesn’t care where the modal element is in the DOM, so you can turn this off via an option if you prefer.

Built-in animations.

Windoze uses CSS3 animations exclusively. You can specify which animation to use via a data-wdz-animation on the trigger or an animation option in the Javascript – both just toggle a .wdz-animation-* class (for example, a slide-left option results in toggling a .wdz-animation-slide-left class) – so a new animation is as easy as writing a new CSS class.

Smart callbacks.

Windoze has a wealth of callbacks (listed below), and you don’t have to pass any duration parameters - they’re timed according to the transition speed specified in the CSS.

Smart image lightboxing.

If your anchor links directly to an image, there’s no need to load a partial or build your own markup – Windoze will load that image directly into an article element for you.

Easy operation.

Open the modal via $el.windoze('open'), $el.trigger('open.windoze'), or $modal.trigger('open.windoze').

Close it by clicking any anchor in the modal with a data-wdz-close attribute, or via $el.windoze('close'), $el.trigger('close.windoze'), or $modal.trigger('close.windoze').

Easy trigger delegation.

If you want Windoze to fire from an anchor that’s not in the DOM yet, rather than dealing with callbacks, you can delegate Windoze to a parent element:

  delegate: 'a.cool_link'

Plus, it’s tested.

Sleep easy knowing that Windoze is covered by a pretty comprehensive QUnit suite.

Option Reference

You can also set any of the following options (except the callback functions) via data-wdz attributes on the element triggering the modal, e.g. data-wdz-animation='pop-down'.


  // toggles animation class of wdz-animation-[x] (defaults to fade)
  // other built-in options are slide-top, slide-left and pop-down
  animation: ''

  // additional classes/IDs for container (selector string)
  container: '',

  // relocate the matching .wdz-modal element to the end of the <body>
  // upon initialization
  relocate_modals: true,

  // delegate trigger event (selector string)
  delegate: '',

  // load the page with this modal shown
  init_shown: false,

  // expect image data as response to the AJAX call, and lightbox it.
  // this is set automatically if the URL ends in an image extension,
  // but in certain cases (e.g. linking to a Filepicker response)
  // it needs to be set manually
  lightbox: false,

  // automatically focus the first input in the modal
  focus_on_show: true,

  // before/after modal animates open
  beforeShow: $.noop,
  afterShow: $.noop,

  // before/after modal animates closed
  beforeClose: $.noop,
  afterClose: $.noop,

  // before AJAX load and after it completes
  beforeLoad: $.noop,
  afterLoad: $.noop


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